Justin Salinger

Ray & Liz

of Richard Billingham with Ella Smith, Justin Salinger, Patrick Romer, Deirdre Kelly, Tony Way, Sam Gittins, James Eeles

Category Drama
UK Release Date


of Philip Ridley with Jim Sturgess, Luke Treadaway, Clémence Poésy, Justin Salinger, Noel Clarke, Ruth Sheen, Timothy Spall, Imogen Church, Eddie Marsan, Joseph Mawle, Bhasker Patel, Fraser Ayres, Nicholas Tennant, Jack Gordon

Category Drama, Horror, Thriller
UK Release Date

Enduring Love

of Roger Michell with Daniel Craig, Rhys Ifans, Samantha Morton, Bill Nighy, Susan Lynch, Helen McCrory, Andrew Lincoln, Ben Whishaw, Corin Redgrave, Anna Maxwell Martin, Bill Weston, Justin Salinger, Jeremy McCurdie, Lee Sheward, Nick Wilkinson

Category Drama, Thriller, Mystery
UK Release Date

The 7:39

of John Alexander with David Morrissey, Sheridan Smith, Olivia Colman, Sean Maguire, Izzy Meikle-Small, Bill Milner, Justin Salinger, Lashana Lynch

Category Romance, Drama
UK Release Date

Once Upon a Time in London

of Simon Rumley with Holly Earl, Dominic Keating, Leo Gregory, Geoff Bell, Terry Stone, Michael McKell, Andy Beckwith, Theo Devaney, Jamie Foreman, Doug Allen, Justin Salinger, Roland Manookian, Ken Croft, Kerim Alexander-Croft, Roger Alborough

Category Crime
UK Release Date

Revengers Tragedy

of Alex Cox with Christopher Eccleston, Eddie Izzard, Derek Jacobi, Diana Quick, Marc Warren, Fraser Ayres, Justin Salinger, Andrew Schofield, Paul Reynolds, Carla Henry, Shaun Mason, Tony Booth, Kevin Knapman, Jean Butler, Vinnie Adams

Category Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction
UK Release Date