A Boy Called Dad

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Original title A Boy Called Dad
Category Drama, Romance
UK Release Date
Production year 2009
Production Country
Directors Brian Percival
Cast Ian Hart, Sacha Parkinson, Kyle Ward, Louise Delamere, Steve Evets, Crissy Rock, Daniel Solazzo, Sarah Beardsall, Alan Stocks
Distributor Kaleidoscope Film Distribution


All I ever wanted was a dad. Instead I got a son When he becomes a father at the tender age of 14, Robbie's life quickly spirals out of control. Feeling angry and neglected by his own dad, he kick-starts a series of events that will catapult him at great speed into adulthood. Newcomer Kyle Ward gives a wonderfully assured and impressively mature central performance that belies his young age. Some charming scenes with his dad (played to perfection by Ian Hart) bring warmth and humour to this deeply moving and ultimately uplifting drama. 'A Boy Called Dad' is directed by double BAFTA winner Brian Percival and written by BAFTA winner Julie Rutterford. 'A Boy Called Dad' is the first of a slate of high quality, low budget feature films from producers Michael Knowles and Stacey Murray of Made Up North Productions.