A Short History of Decay

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Original title A Short History of Decay
Category Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 2014
Production Country
Directors Michael Maren
Cast Emmanuelle Chriqui, Bryan Greenberg, Harris Yulin, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Linda Lavin, Nicholas Pryor, Benjamin King, Barbara Weetman, Anthony Reynolds, Rebecca Dayan, Myke Holmes, Michael Cunningham, Carla Stanley, Michael Maren


"A Short History of Decay" tells the story of Nathan Fisher, a thirty-something Brooklyn “hipster” (Greenberg) whose writing career is stalled, much to the chagrin of his ambitious live-in girlfriend, Erika (Chriqui). When she unceremoniously dumps him, Nathan retreats into a depressive funk, not knowing where to turn-- finish the novel? work on the play?-- when he gets a call from his brother in Florida telling him his father has been hospitalized. Racing down to "snowbird" central, Nathan finds his father (Yulin) on the mend (albeit grumpy), and his normally addled mother (Lavin) a bit hazier than usual. His quick visit turns into an extended stay during which he discovers that his aging parents are actually in much better control of their lives than he is. He also meets a woman (Perkins)--his mother's manicurist, no less-- who is the polar opposite of Erika, but who may just be exactly what Nathan needs.