Bathory Trailers

Original title Bathory
Category Drama, Fantasy
UK Release Date
Production year 2008
Production Country
Directors Juraj Jakubisko
Cast Anna Friel, Karel Roden, Hans Matheson, Vincent Regan, Franco Nero, Bolek Polívka, Deana Horváthová, Julie Dreyfus, Monika Hilmerová, Michaela Drotárová, Antony Byrne, Jirí Mádl, Lucie Vondrácková, Jaromír Nosek, Marek Majeský
Distributor Metrodome Distribution


The tale of the notorious Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who has been recounted by historians, writers, poets, playwrights, musicians, painters, and moviemakers for many years. Tradition has it that Countess Bathory was the greatest murderess in the history of humankind – a fact documented by her entry in the Guinness Book of Records. Stories have it that she bathing in blood and perfomed many gruesome acts of torture on her female virgin victims before killing them. But is that really true? In four centuries, no historical document has been found to reveal what had exactly happened. Diametically opposing the established legend, BATHORY is about a defenceless widow who owns more property and riches than the King himself and who, as a result, becomes a victim of scheming from on high.