Being Flynn

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Original title Being Flynn
Category Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 2012
Production Country
Directors Paul Weitz
Cast Robert De Niro, Julianne Moore, Paul Dano, Olivia Thirlby, Eddie Rouse, Steve Cirbus, Lili Taylor, Victor Rasuk, Liam Broggy
Distributor Universal Pictures


Academy Award® winner Robert De Niro, Paul Dano ("There Will Be Blood") and Academy Award® nominee Julianne Moore give powerhouse performances in this compelling exploration of the unbreakable yet fragile bonds between parent and child, written and directed by Paul Weitz ("About a Boy"). Nick Flynn (Dano) is a young writer seeking to define himself. His father Jonathan (De Niro), however, scrapes through life on his own terms and has not seen his son in 18 years. Taking a job at a homeless shelter, Nick finds purpose in his own life and work until one night Jonathan arrives seeking a bed. To give the two of them a shot at a real future, Nick wrestles with the notion of reaching out to his dad in this undeniably powerful adaptation of Nick Flynn's award-winning memoir "Another Bulls-t Night in Suck City."