Big Bully

Big Bully Trailers

Original title Big Bully
Category Comedy, Family
UK Release Date
Production year 1996
Production Country
Directors Steve Miner
Cast Rick Moranis, Tom Arnold, Julianne Phillips, Carol Kane, Jeffrey Tambor, Curtis Armstrong, Don Knotts


Comedy kings Tom Arnold, Rick Moranis, and Don Knotts star in this hilarious romp about a bookworm and a bully whose rivalry resurfaces when the two are hired as teachers at the same middle school. David Leary was the kind of kid who was always getting picked on, chased after, beat up, and cut down, especially by Roscoe Bigger--known to every cowering schoolyard victim as "Fang." Now, Leary is a novelist who has been asked to teach a semester of creative writing at his former school, but his hopes of being welcomed as the local boy made good are dashed when he finds out that the faculty includes his old tormentor, Fang.