Cell Trailers

3/5 2.6/5.0

Original title Cell
Category Thriller, Horror, Science Fiction
UK Release Date
Production year 2016
Production Country
Directors Tod Williams
Cast John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Isabelle Fuhrman, Owen Teague, Clark Sarullo, Anthony Reynolds, Erin Elizabeth Burns, Stacy Keach, Wilbur Fitzgerald, Joshua Mikel, Catherine Dyer, Griffin Freeman, Lloyd Kaufman, Alex ter Avest, Ethan Andrew Casto
Distributor Signature Entertainment


Clay Riddell, a New England artist, is a witness to an ugly phenomenon: a mysterious signal broadcast over the global cell phone network turns the majority of his fellow humans into mindless vicious animals. Now he and a few survivors must find and stop 'the pulse' and the person controlling it and reunite with his young son before it's too late.