Cobra Trailers

Original title Cobra
Category Action, Crime
UK Release Date
Production year 1986
Production Country
Directors George P. Cosmatos
Cast Sylvester Stallone, Brigitte Nielsen, Reni Santoni, Brian Thompson, Lee Garlington, Art LaFleur, Andrew Robinson, Marco Rodríguez, Val Avery, Nina Axelrod, David Rasche, John Herzfeld, Ross St. Phillip, John Hauk, Nick Angotti


Sylvester Stallone stars as Marion Cobretti. But to those who knowhim--and those who wish they didn't--he's Cobra. A street-tough ,big-city detective who does jobs nobody else wants or dares to do, Cobraacts with a single-mindedness and unorthodox methods strike that feareven within his own department. But now a vicious serial murderer issavagely killing at random, and the only man ruthless enough to stop himis Cobra.