D.A.R.Y.L. Trailers

Original title D.A.R.Y.L.
Category Family, Science Fiction
UK Release Date
Production year 1985
Production Country
Directors Simon Wincer
Cast Mary Beth Hurt, Michael McKean, Barret Oliver, Colleen Camp, Amy Linker, Josef Sommer, Kathryn Walker, Danny Corkill


Daryl is a normal 10-year-old boy in many ways. However, unbeknown to his foster parents and friends, Daryl is actually a government-created robot with superhuman reflexes and mental abilities. Even his name has a hidden meaning -- it's actually an acronym for Data Analyzing Robot Youth Life-form. When the organisation that created him deems the "super soldier" experiment a failure and schedules Daryl to be disassembled, it is up to a few rogue scientists to help him escape.