Doctor Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle Trailers

Original title Doctor Dolittle
Category Comedy, Adventure, Family
UK Release Date
Production year 1967
Production Country
Directors Richard Fleischer
Cast Rex Harrison, Samantha Eggar, Richard Attenborough, Portia Nelson, Anthony Newley, Peter Bull, William Dix, Geoffrey Holder, Norma Varden, Muriel Landers


Get ready for the wildest adventure of a lifetime in the most ambitious production ever brought to film. Earning a 1967 Academy Award nomination for Best Picture, this dazzling fantasy turns both ordinary and exotic animals into talking, dancing and singing sensations! Rex Harrison is unforgettable in this inspiring adaptation of Hugh Lofting's classic stories.Step into the English country home of the good doctor as he performs remarkable treatments on the wildest variety of patients you could imagine. Discover his secret cures and watch with wide-eyed excitement as he and his four-legged, fine-feathered friends charm their way into your heart!