Elena and the Secret of Avalor

Elena and the Secret of Avalor Trailers

Original title Elena and the Secret of Avalor
Category Fantasy, Animation, Family
UK Release Date
Production year 2016
Production Country
Directors Jamie Mitchell
Cast Aimee Carrero, Ariel Winter, Carlos Alazraqui, Yvette Nicole Brown, Darcy Rose Byrnes, Zach Callison, Laura Dickinson, Keith Ferguson, Jane Fonda, Joseph Haro, Christian Lanz, Tyler Merna, Joe Nunez


In the Kingdom of Avalor, Elena takes Naomi up a mountain to show her favorite view of the kingdom. Elena laments to Naomi how she was trapped in the Amulet of Avalor for forty-one years, and then presents to her a broken wand. She tells her that it was Shuriki's wand and how she would still be trapped in the Amulet if it was not for a brave young Princess: Sofia. Elena then proceeds to tell Naomi the whole story ...