Felicity: An American Girl Adventure

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure Trailers

Original title Felicity: An American Girl Adventure
Category Family, Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 2005
Production Country
Directors Nadia Tass
Cast Shailene Woodley, Kevin Zegers, John Schneider, Marcia Gay Harden, Bruce Beaton, Jean Daigle, Craig Eldridge, Robinne Fanfair, Rothaford Gray, Lynne Griffin, Harry Crane, Peter Cockett, Katie Henney, Juliet Holland-Rose, David Gardner


Pre-American Revolution Virginian girl whose love for the outdoors leads to the friendship of a lifetime. Felicity loves horses, and though her parents plead with her to remain indoors, she years to ride the open plains. When Felicity comes into contact with a beautiful mare which has suffered at the hands of its callous owner, she takes it upon herself to care for the creature.