Fifty Shades of Black

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3/5 2.8/5.0

Original title Fifty Shades of Black
Category Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 2016
Production Country
Directors Michael Tiddes
Cast Marlon Wayans, Kali Hawk, Fred Willard, Mike Epps, Affion Crockett, Jane Seymour, Florence Henderson, Andrew Bachelor, Jenny Zigriano, Kate Miner, Tina Grimm, Alice Rietveld, Brad Schmidt, Mircea Monroe, Angel Laketa Moore
Distributor Vertigo Films


The film follows former stripper and professional thief and businessman, Christian Black (Wayans) on his quest to win over the young, virginal journalist, Hannah (Hawk). Their dominatrix relationship unfolds under a plethora of S&M and leather, paddles and whips, mansions and helicopter rides, resulting in Hannah becoming a tour de force in her own right. But will she ever conquer the all-powerful, Mr Black?