Fire Sale

Fire Sale Trailers

Original title Fire Sale
UK Release Date
Production year 1977
Production Country
Directors Alan Arkin
Cast Alan Arkin, Rob Reiner, Vincent Gardenia, Sid Caesar, Sally Marr, Anjanette Comer, Kay Medford, Alex Rocco, Byron Stewart, Richard Libertini, MacIntyre Dixon, Barbara Dana, William Prince, Augusta Dabney


Benny and his wife Ruthie a getting set to drive down to Florida, but Benny needs someone to look after his store while he's gone. Though he doesn't think much of him, Benny hands the responsibility over to his son, Russel. While Russel doesn't get much respect from his parents, he's better off than his brother, Ezra, whom Benny has gone so far as to disown. Ezra is currently battling with his work (coach of a high school basketball team that hasn't won in ages) and his wife (who keeps nagging him that she wants to have a baby as soon as possible) at the same time.