Flying Blind

Flying Blind Trailers

Original title Flying Blind
Category Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 2013
Production Country
Directors Katarzyna Klimkiewicz
Cast Helen McCrory, Najib Oudghiri, Kenneth Cranham, Tristan Gemmill, Sherif Eltayeb, Lorcan Cranitch, Razane Jammal, Philippa Howard
Distributor Thunderbird Releasing


Frankie is part of the war-machine, a successful aerospace engineer designing drones for the military. Then she meets Kahil, a French-Algerian student. They embark on a passionate affair and for the first time in her life Frankie utterly, thrillingly, loses control. One morning at work, she's detained by the security services and told that Kahil may not be quite what he seems. She finds that she has crossed a line of safety into a nightmare world of suspicion and accusation. Realising how little she knows of this man, Frankie determines to find out the truth, only to discover to her cost that betrayal always comes from those closest to us.