Franklyn Trailers

2/5 1.2/5.0

Original title Franklyn
Category Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction
UK Release Date
Production year 2008
Production Country
Directors Gerald McMorrow
Cast Eva Green, Ryan Phillippe, Bernard Hill, Sam Riley, Art Malik, Richard Coyle, Susannah York, Kika Markham, Mark Wingett, Gary Pillai, Jeanie Gold, Jay Fuller, Dolly Wells, Chris Wilson
Distributor Contender Films


Produced by Oscar winning producer Jeremy Thomas (The Last Emperor), the ambitious and highly accomplished debut feature from writer-director Gerald McMorrow, FRANKLYN, is an intelligent and thought-provoking fantasy thriller that invites favourable comparisons to the visionary works of Terry Gilliam (Brazil; Twelve Monkeys), Ridley Scott (Blade Runner), Alex Proyas (Dark City) and Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko). A welcome respite from the usual conventions of modern British cinema (i.e., it's not a gangster flick, a cheap horror knock-off or a clichéd rom-com), FRANKLYN is a movie that dares to be different and delivers thrilling visuals, imaginative ideas and compelling storytelling in spades. Described by the Sunday Mirror as "an offbeat fantasy drama [that] makes for fascinating viewing" and as "a cracking sci-fi brainteaser" by Little White Lies, it is, in the words of SFX magazine, "a movie that rewards multiple viewings."Depicting an intriguing tale of four souls whose lives span two parallel worlds and are intertwined by fate, romance and tragedy, the film features an impressive cast that includes hot young actors Ryan Phillippe (Flags Of Our Fathers; Crash), Eva Green (The Golden Compass; Casino Royale), Sam Riley (Control) alongside seasoned veterans Bernard Hill (Valkyrie), Susannah York (Visitors) and Art Malik (Dean Spanley).Jonathan Preest (Phillippe) is a masked vigilante detective operating within the futuristic, dystopian metropolis of Meanwhile City, a city under totalitarian religious control. His current quest is to seek out his nemesis, The Individual, who Preest holds responsible for the death of a young girl. Meanwhile, in contemporary London, three people are living out their daily lives completely unaware that their destinies link them not only to each other but also to Preest.Milo (Riley) is a heartbroken twenty-something, recently jilted just before his wedding, who yearns for the purity of first love and believes he may have found it when