Garbo Talks

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Original title Garbo Talks
Category Comedy, Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 1984
Production Country
Directors Sidney Lumet
Cast Anne Bancroft, Ron Silver, Carrie Fisher, Catherine Hicks, Steven Hill, Howard Da Silva, Dorothy Loudon, Hermione Gingold, Harvey Fierstein, Richard B. Shull, Antonia Rey, Denny Dillon, Betty Comden, Alice Spivak, Maurice Sterman


A New York accountant (Ron Silver) sets out to grant his dying mother's last wish--to meet film star Greta Garbo. Sidney Lumet's bittersweet 1984 comedy also stars Anne Bancroft, Catherine Hicks, Carrie Fisher, Harvey Fierstein, Howard Da Silva, Steven Hill, Hermione Gingold, Dorothy Loudon and Betty Comden.