Gone Trailers

5/5 4.7/5.0

Original title Gone
Category Thriller, Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 2012
Production Country
Directors Heitor Dhalia
Cast Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter, Daniel Sunjata, Emily Wickersham, Sebastian Stan, Hunter Parrish, Wes Bentley, Socratis Otto, Katherine Moennig, Sam Upton, Nick Searcy, Joel David Moore, Michael Paré, Ted Rooney, Erin Carufel
Distributor Entertainment Film Distributors


In the new suspense thriller GONE, Jill Parrish (Amanda Seyfried) comes home from working the night shift to discover that her sister Molly has suddenly disappeared. Convinced that Molly has been abducted by the same serial killer from whom she escaped just a year before, and that by sundown Molly will be dead, Jill embarks on a break-neck ride to rescue her. Racing the sinking sun in a heart-pounding chase, Jill has only 12 hours to find the killer and save her sister.