Julia Trailers

Original title Julia
Category Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 1977
Production Country
Directors Fred Zinnemann
Cast Jane Fonda, Maximilian Schell, Lisa Pelikan, Vanessa Redgrave, Jason Robards, Meryl Streep, Hal Holbrook, Rosemary Murphy, Dora Doll, John Glover, Cathleen Nesbitt, Maurice Denham, Elisabeth Mortensen, Susan Jones


JULIA covers the 1930s when Lillian attained fame with the production of her play "The Childrens' Hour" on Broadway. It centres on Lillian's relationship with her friend, Julia. It's a relationship that goes beyond mere acquaintance and one for which the word "love" seems appropriate. While Julia attends the University in Vienna, Lillian suffers through revisions of her play with her mentor and sometimes lover Dashiel Hammett. After becoming a celebrated playwright, Lillian is invited to a writers conference in Russia. Julia, having taken up the battle against fascism, enlists Lillian en route to smuggle money through Nazi Germany which will assist in the Anti-Fascist cause. During a brief meeting with Julia on this trip, Lillian learns that Julia has had a child which is called Lilly.