Men Don't Leave

Men Don't Leave Trailers

Original title Men Don't Leave
Category Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 1990
Production Country
Directors Paul Brickman
Cast Jessica Lange, Arliss Howard, Joan Cusack, Chris O'Donnell, Kathy Bates, Charlie Korsmo, Belita Moreno, Jim Haynie, Corey Carrier, Kevin Corrigan, David Cale, Tom Mason


After her husband John dies unexpectedly, Beth Macauley is unprepared for life without him. She is unemployed with no job skills and $60,000 in debt from on-going renovations to their house located in suburban Bingham. She doesn't know what to do but sell what material possessions she has, such as the family pick-up truck and the house, and move into an apartment in the city, namely Baltimore. Beth just wants to survive by finding a job she doesn't dislike, and keep her family together while trying to maintain her sanity and sense of self-worth