Mystery Men

Mystery Men Trailers

Original title Mystery Men
Category Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Science Fiction
UK Release Date
Production year 1999
Production Country
Directors Kinka Usher
Cast Hank Azaria, Janeane Garofalo, William H. Macy, Kel Mitchell, Jenifer Lewis, Ben Stiller, Paul Reubens, Stacey Travis, Claire Forlani, Wes Studi, Greg Kinnear, Geoffrey Rush, Lena Olin, Eddie Izzard, Artie Lange


When Captain Amazing (Kinnear) is kidnapped by Casanova Frankenstein (Rush) a group of superheroes combine together to create a plan. But these aren't normal superheroes. Now, the group who include such heroes as Mr. Furious (Stiller), The Shoveller (Macy) and The Blue Raja (Azaria) must put all the powers together to save everyone they know and love.