Nightwatching Trailers

Original title Nightwatching
Category Drama, History, Mystery
UK Release Date
Production year 2007
Production Country
Directors Peter Greenaway
Cast Martin Freeman, Emily Holmes, Michael Teigen, Christopher Britton, Agata Buzek, Gerard Plunkett, Natalie Press, Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Kevin McNulty, Richard McCabe, Adrian Lukis, Adam Kotz, Toby Jones, Hugh Thomas, Jonathan Holmes
Distributor AX1 Entertainment


"From Peter Greenaway, one of the most inventive, ambitious and controversial film-makers of our time, comes a thrilling period drama, told in explicit detail with customary irony and wit, that explores the romantic and professional life of the great Dutch painter Rembrandt, and the mystery surrounding the creation of his 1642 masterpiece , 'The Night Watch'. Featuring impressive performances from a cast that includes Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) in a remarkable leading role as the wry, lusty Rembrandt, Eva Birthistle (The Children) as his young wife Saskia, Jodhi May (Emma) as his seductive maid, Toby Jones (Frost/Nixon) and Natalie Press (My Summer of Love), NIGHTWATCHING unravels a fascinating conspiracy in sumptuous detail whilst displaying all Greenaway’s regular fascinations with sex and death."