P.S. Your Cat Is Dead!

P.S. Your Cat Is Dead! Trailers

Original title P.S. Your Cat Is Dead!
Category Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 2002
Production Country
Directors Steve Guttenberg
Cast Steve Guttenberg, Lombardo Boyar, Shirley Knight, A. J. Benza, Cynthia Watros, Kenneth Moskow, Tom Wright


With his life already in shambles -- his girlfriend just dumped him, he's lost his acting gig, and his cat is seriously ill -- sad-sack Jimmy Zoole (Steve Guttenberg) comes home New Year's Eve to find a gay burglar (Lombardo Boyar) looting his apartment. Taking the intruder hostage, Jimmy threatens to unleash his pent-up rage on the would-be thief but instead begins to bond with his captive.