Piranha 3DD

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Original title Piranha 3DD
Category Horror, Thriller, Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 2012
Production Country
Directors John Gulager
Cast Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Katrina Bowden, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, David Koechner, Chris Zylka, David Hasselhoff, Christopher Lloyd, Paul Scheer, Gary Busey, Clu Gulager, Irina Voronina, Sylvia Jefferies, Alisa Harris, Ving Rhames
Distributor Entertainment Film Distributors


After the terror unleashed on Lake Victoria in PIRANHA 3D, the pre-historic school of blood thirsty piranhas are back. This time, no one is safe from the flesh eating fish as they sink their razor sharp teeth into the visitors of summer's best attraction, The Big Wet Water Park. CHRISTOPER LLOYD (Back to the Future) reprises his role as the eccentric piranha expert with survivor PAUL SCHEER (The League) and a partially devoured VING RHAMES (Pulp Fiction) back for more fish frenzy. The world's most famous lifeguard DAVID HASSELHOFF aka 'THE HOFF', trades in the sandy beaches of “Baywatch” to be a celebrity lifeguard at the racy water park. Prepare for double the terror, double the action and double the D's in this sequel also starring GARY BUSEY (Lethal Weapon), KATRINA BOWDEN (30 Rock), DANIELLE PANABAKER (The Crazies), MATT BUSH (Adventureland), CHRIS ZYLKA (The Amazing Spider-Man) and DAVID KOECHNER (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy).