Relative Values

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Original title Relative Values
Category Comedy, World Cinema, Romance
UK Release Date
Production year 2000
Production Country
Directors Eric Styles
Cast Julie Andrews, William Baldwin, Edward Atterton, Stephen Fry, Colin Firth, Sophie Thompson, Jeanne Tripplehorn


A comedy of discriminating taste and dirty little secrets, the story is set in 1952 England, where Nigel, the Earl of Marshwood, woos Hollywood star Miranda Frayle, upsetting both his mother, Countess Felicity of Marshwood, and her former love, fellow Hollywood star Don Lucas. Right before the engagement party to be held at Marshwood, Moxie, the Countess's personal maid and best friend reveals that Miranda is her estranged sister. Crestwell, the Countess's butler, quickly devises a plan-but an inebriated Lucas's arrival at Marshwood to try to talk to Miranda causes all chaos to break loose.