Robots Trailers

4/5 3.6/5.0

Original title Robots
Category Animation, Comedy, Adventure
UK Release Date
Production year 2005
Production Country
Directors Chris Wedge, Carlos Saldanha
Cast Robin Williams, Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry, Mel Brooks, Paula Abdul, Amanda Bynes, Drew Carey, Jennifer Coolidge, Lucille Bliss, Terry Bradshaw, Jim Broadbent, Paul Giamatti, Marshall Efron, Damien Fahey, Will Denton


Rodney Copperbottom is a young robot inventor who dreams of making the world a better place … until the evil Ratchet takes over Big Weld Industries. Now, Rodney's dreams -- like those of his friends, including motor-mouthed Fender -- are in danger of becoming obsolete.