Room 666

Room 666 Trailers

Original title Chambre 666
Category Documentary
UK Release Date
Production year 1982
Production Country
Directors Wim Wenders
Cast Jean-Luc Godard, Paul Morrissey, Mike de Leon, Monte Hellman, Susan Seidelman, Robert Kramer, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Werner Herzog, Steven Spielberg, Michelangelo Antonioni, Wim Wenders, Maroun Bagdadi, Ana Carolina, Romain Goupil, Noël Simsolo


"""Films are made, the images are made when there's no one looking. That's what the invisible is, that which we don't see. That's what the incredible is, that which we don't see. And cinema shows you that which we don't see, the incredible."" - Jean-Luc Godard ""I think I had better take my shoes off first. You can't answer a question like that with your shoes on."" - Werner Herzog During the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, WIM WENDERS invited a group of filmmakers to discuss the future of film in front of a video camera, in an empty hotel room. The fifteen directors who responded to the invitation present a fascinating document of attitudes towards cinema at a moment when the medium's power was seen to decline. From the philosophical to the economic. From the despondent to the optimistic. In ROOM 666, cinema, television and the very nature of the image within society are discussed with rare frankness and an unerring eye for what the future holds."