S. Darko

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2/5 1.5/5.0

Original title S. Darko
Category Science Fiction, Thriller, Mystery
UK Release Date
Production year 2009
Production Country
Directors Chris Fisher
Cast Daveigh Chase, Elizabeth Berkley, Briana Evigan, James Lafferty, Ed Westwick, Bret Roberts, Jackson Rathbone, Barbara Tarbuck, Matthew Davis, Walter Platz, John Hawkes, Nathan Stevens, Zulay Henao, Ryan Templeman, JJ Neward
Distributor Moviemax


S. Darko follows Samantha Darko, the younger sister of Donnie, the protagonist of Donnie Darko, and her friend Corey. On their way to California, their car breaks down, forcing them to wait in a small town until it is fixed. While there, Samantha begins to have dreams that warn her of the end of the universe.