Stealing Las Vegas

Stealing Las Vegas Trailers

Original title Stealing Las Vegas
Category Thriller
UK Release Date
Production year 2012
Production Country
Directors Francisco Menéndez
Cast Eric Roberts, Ethan Landry, Anabella Casanova, Kristen Terry, Eloy Méndez, Antonio Fargas, Michael Tylo, Michael Tylo


There's a dark side behind the bright lights of Las Vegas, where desperate lives and busted dreams struggle in the shadows to survive. And when a sleazy casino owner swipes $20 million from his employees' health insurance and pension funds, ex-pro-baseball-player-turned-casino-electrician Nick and his co-workers put together a daring plan to steal the money back. But in a lowdown town of underground cage fights, smoky strip clubs and deadly double-crosses, can the perfect heist ever go as planned? Written by Francisco Menendez