Stiff Upper Lips

Stiff Upper Lips Trailers

Original title Stiff Upper Lips
Category Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 1998
Production Country
Directors Gary Sinyor
Cast Georgina Cates, Peter Ustinov, Prunella Scales, Samuel West, Sean Pertwee, David Artus, Kevin Furlong, Nicholas Selby, John Boswall, Robert Portal, Frank Finlay, Geoffrey Palmer


Stiff Upper Lips is a broad parody of British period films, especially the lavish Merchant-Ivory productions of the 'eighties and early 'nineties. Although it specifically targets A Room with a View, Chariots of Fire, Maurice, A Passage to India, and many other films, in a more general way Stiff Upper Lips satirises popular perceptions of certain Edwardian traits: propriety, sexual repression, xenophobia, and class snobbery.