The Duel

The Duel Trailers

Original title The Duel
Category Western, Drama, Action
UK Release Date
Production year 2016
Production Country
Directors Kieran Darcy-Smith
Cast Woody Harrelson, Liam Hemsworth, Alice Braga, Emory Cohen, Felicity Price, José Zúñiga, William Sadler, Raphael Sbarge, Giles Matthey, Christopher James Baker, Christopher Berry, Benedict Samuel, David Born, Lawrence Turner, Jason Carter


On the Texas border, during the 1880s, Texas Ranger David Kingston (Liam Hemsworth) is sent to an Old West frontier town to investigate a series of murders, in particular to search for the missing niece of a Mexican general. In the town, preacher and mayor Abraham Brant is keeping all the townsfolk in some kind of fearful grip. When David arrives in town, the townsfolk act cold and hostile towards him, with the exception of Abraham, who is smitten by David's wife, Marisol. David hides his identity and purpose from Abraham, instead giving the disguise of a wandering traveler. Abraham offers David the role of becoming the town sheriff, which David hesitantly accepts, hoping the position will cover him long enough to carry out his real investigation. While David explores the town and investigates the nearby river for bodies, Abraham slowly begins gaining the trust and affection of Marisol.