The Heartbreak Kid

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5/5 4.1/5.0

Original title The Heartbreak Kid
Category Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 2007
Production Country
Directors Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly
Cast Ben Stiller, Malin Åkerman, Michelle Monaghan, Jerry Stiller, Rob Corddry, Mae LaBorde, Carlos Mencia, Scott Wilson, Polly Holliday, Danny McBride, Roy Jenkins, Stephanie Courtney, Natalie Carter
Distributor Finnkino


Eddie, the 40-year-old confirmed bachelor finally says "I do" to the beautiful and sexy Lila. But during their honeymoon in Mexico, the woman of his dreams turns out to be a total nightmare, and the guy who could never pull the trigger realises he’s jumped the gun.