The Little Prince

The Little Prince Trailers

Original title The Little Prince
Category Family, Fantasy, Music
UK Release Date
Production year 1974
Production Country
Directors Stanley Donen
Cast Richard Kiley, Steven Warner, Bob Fosse, Joss Ackland, Gene Wilder, Donna McKechnie, Clive Revill, Victor Spinetti, Graham Crowden


Based on the story by Antoine deSaint-Exupery, this magical musical fable begins as a pilot (Richard Kiley) makes a forced landing on the barren Sahara Desert. He is befriended by a "little" prince from the planet Asteroid B-612. In the days that follow, the pilot learns of the small boy's history and planet-hopping journeys in which he met a King, a businessman, an historian, and a general. It isn't until he comes to Earth that the Little Prince learns the secrets of the importance of life from a Fox (Gene Wilder), a Snake (Bob Fosse), and the pilot.