The Purple Mask

The Purple Mask Trailers

Original title The Purple Mask
Category Adventure
UK Release Date
Production year 1955
Production Country
Directors H. Bruce Humberstone
Cast Angela Lansbury, Tony Curtis, Colleen Miller, Gene Barry, Dan O'Herlihy, George Dolenz, John Hoyt, Donald Randolph, Robert Cornthwaite, Paul Cavanagh, Allison Hayes, Stephen Bekassy, Myrna Hansen, Jane Howard, Carl Milletaire


France, 1803: 11 years after the Revolution, a royalist underground is led by a new 'Scarlet Pimpernel', the Purple Mask, who rescues nobles in distress and kidnaps Napoleon's officials for ransom, aided by the spy services of a group of lovely models headed by Laurette (really the Duc de Latour's daughter). But even she doesn't know the Purple Mask's real identity as foppish dancing master Reneā€¦