The Sugarland Express

The Sugarland Express Trailers

Original title The Sugarland Express
Category Action, Crime, Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 1974
Production Country
Directors Steven Spielberg
Cast Goldie Hawn, William Atherton, Ben Johnson, Louise Latham, Gregory Walcott, Bill Thurman, Steve Kanaly, Jessie Lee Fulton, A.L. Camp, Michael Sacks, Harrison Zanuck, Dean Smith, Ted Grossman


Legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg made his feature film directorial debut with this gripping, effective drama starring Academy Award®-winner Goldie Hawn. Hawn plays a young mother who becomes a fugitive and a cause celebre when she tries to prevent the adoption of her young son. What ensues is a harrowing chase through Texas involving lots and lots of police! Excellent performances and astute direction anchor this powerful and entertaining drama. Based on a true story.