The Throwaways

The Throwaways Trailers

Original title The Throwaways (Extended Version)
Category Action, Science Fiction, Thriller
UK Release Date
Production year 2015
Production Country
Directors Tony Bui
Cast Peter Brooke, James Caan, Noel Clarke, Kevin Dillon, Katie McGrath, Sam Huntington, Valentin Ganev


"The Throwaways," a comedic international cyber spy thriller follows notorious hacker Drew Reynolds (Huntington), who is captured by the CIA and given a proposition - work for them or spend the rest of his life in prison. Reynolds agrees to join on the condition that he gets to choose his own team. Instead of picking from the top agents the CIA recommends, Reynolds goes with a group of "throwaways," those deemed expendable and seemingly the worst in the organisation. Led by Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Holden (Caan) and including gung-ho combat specialist Dan Fisher (Dillon), "The Throwaways" have to track and take down a cyber-terrorist who is threatening mass destruction.