The Wife

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4/5 3.8/5.0

Original title The Wife
Category Drama, Romance
UK Release Date
Production year 2018
Production Country
Directors Björn Runge
Cast Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce, Christian Slater, Max Irons, Annie Starke, Harry Lloyd, Elizabeth McGovern, Alix Wilton Regan, Karin Franz Körlof, Michael Benz, Twinnie Lee Moore, Carolin Stoltz, Catharina Christie, Jane Garioni
Distributor Picturehouse Entertainment


Joan Castleman (Glenn Close) has spent forty years sacrificing her own talent, dreams and ambitions to support her charismatic husband Joe (Jonathan Pryce) and his stellar literary career. Ignoring infidelities and excuses made in the cause of his art, she has put up with his behaviour with undiminished grace and humour. The foundations of their marriage have, however, been built upon a set of uneven compromises and Joan has reached a turning point.