The World's Greatest Lover

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Original title The World's Greatest Lover
Category Comedy, Romance
UK Release Date
Production year 1977
Production Country
Directors Gene Wilder
Cast Danny DeVito, Carol Kane, Dom DeLuise, Fritz Feld, Candice Azzara, Carl Ballantine, Lou Cutell, James Gleason, James Hong, David Huddleston, Jack Riley, Sal Viscuso, Robert Ball, Mark Silberman, Gene Wilder


When frustrated movie studio mogul Adolph Zitz announces a talent search for a romantic leading man to rival the great Rudolph Valentino, thousands of hopefuls decend upon Hollywood. Rudy Valentine, a neurotic baker from Milwaukee, knows little about romance or acting. But when his wife leaves him for the real Valentino, Rudy goes to outrageous lengths to win the role of a lifetime and win back the love of his life.