Top Dog

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Original title Top Dog
Category Crime, Drama
UK Release Date
Production year 2014
Production Country
Directors Martin Kemp
Cast Vincent Regan, Leo Gregory, Ricci Harnett, George Russo, Leila Wong, Susan Penhaligon, Susan Penhaligon, Ryan Oliva, Lorraine Stanley, Adrian Palmer, Emma Louise Williams, Lesley Harcourt, Lee Asquith-Coe
Distributor Munro Film Services


Hooligan boss Billy Evans has it all - a successful business, a beautiful family and respect on the terraces. Even better, the police have never been able to touch him. But when he butts heads with gangster Mickey over a backstreet protection racket, Billy soon finds himself out of his depth as events rapidly escalate and he finds that he has taken on far more than he can chew.