Yellowbird Trailers

3/5 2.5/5.0

Original title Gus, petit oiseau, grand voyage
Category Animation, Family, Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 2014
Production Country
Directors Christian De Vita
Cast Seth Green, Dakota Fanning, Christine Baranski, Danny Glover, Elliott Gould, Jim Rash, Ryan Lee, Brady Corbet, Richard Kind, Yvette Nicole Brown, Chris Parson


When the leader of a family of birds dies just before the winter migration, the burden of leading the voyage passes to the nearest feathered friend. Now, the fate of an entire flock rests upon the wings of Yellowbird, a young orphan who has never ventured far from the nest. With the help of some new pals, Yellowbird must find the courage to lead the flock on a journey to Africa. Along the way, Yellowbird learns the value of friendship and how to face his biggest fears. This heartwarming family adventure features the voice talents of Seth Green, Dakota Fanning, and Danny Glover.