Young Doctors in Love

Young Doctors in Love Trailers

Original title Young Doctors in Love
Category Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 1982
Production Country
Directors Garry Marshall
Cast Michael McKean, Sean Young, Héctor Elizondo, Harry Dean Stanton, Patrick Macnee, Dabney Coleman, Kyle T. Heffner, Rick Overton, Ted McGinley, Saul Rubinek, Pamela Reed, Taylor Negron, Patrick Collins, Michael Richards, Crystal Bernard


An "Airplane!"-style spoof of hospital soap operas: a brilliant young trainee can't stand the sight of blood; a doctor romances the head nurse in order to get the key to the drugs cabinet; there's a mafioso on the loose disguised as a woman - in other words all the usual ingredients present and correct, though in this case the laughs are intentional.