A Lonely Place to Die

A Lonely Place to Die Trailers

Original title A Lonely Place to Die
Category Horror, Action, Thriller
UK Release Date
Production year 2011
Production Country United Kingdom
Directors Julian Gilbey
Cast Eamonn Walker, Melissa George, Ed Speleers, Sean Harris, Alec Newman
Distributor Kaleidescope


A group of five mountaineers are climbing in the remote Scottish Highlands when they make a horrific discovery: a young girl buried in a small chamber, with only a small air pipe to the surface keeping her alive. She is terrified, dehydrated and half-starved. Deciding they must get her to safety, the group embark on a dangerous and nerve-racking descent. Unwittingly, they’ve taken charge of a valuable bounty and are being hunted down by the girl’s ruthless kidnappers, who have everything at stake and nothing to lose. Caught up in a terrifying game of cat and mouse, they are in mortal danger and there’s no easy way out. Described by Total Film as hitting “like a bullet between the eyes”, this is the ultimate uncompromising and brutally realistic pursuit thriller.