Attack the Block

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4/5 3.5/5.0

Original title Attack the Block
Category Science Fiction, Action, Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 2011
Production Country
Directors Joe Cornish
Cast Nick Frost, Jodie Whittaker, Luke Treadaway, Flaminia Cinque, Terry Notary, Chris Wilson, Joey Ansah, Adam Leese, Paige Meade, Danielle Vitalis, Selom Awadzi, Adam Buxton, Jumayn Hunter, Franz Drameh
Distributor Optimum Releasing


Attack the Block' is a fast, funny, frightening action adventure movie that pits a teen gang against an invasion of savage alien monsters. It turns a London housing estate into a sci-fi playground. A tower block into a fortress under siege. And teenage street kids into heroes. It's inner city versus outer space.