Benda Bilili!

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Original title Benda Bilili!
Category Documentary, Music
UK Release Date
Production year 2010
Production Country
Directors Renaud Barret, Florent de La Tullaye
Cast Léon Likabu, Roger Landu, Coco Ngambali Yakala, Theo Nsituvuidi, Claude Kinunu Montana, Paulin Kiara-Maigi, Djunana Tanga-Suele, Cubain Kabeya, Makembo Nzalé Zadis Mbulu Nzungu, Waroma Abi-Ngoma Kabanba Kabose Kasungo, Maria Barli Djongo
Distributor Trinity Film


Summer 2009. Five paraplegics and a young able-bodied teenager light up the stage in front of an entranced audience of 8000 people. "Benda Bilili" - in English "See Beyond", is the name of this Kinshasa band which has acquired a global following. Chances of success were slim at first for these homeless handicapped artists who struggled to survive on the streets of their dilapidated capital. "Benda Bilili" is not a music film, it's the story of a dream that became reality. And a plunge into the streets of Kinshasa without a safety net.