Capitalism: A Love Story

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3/5 2.5/5.0

Original title Capitalism: A Love Story
Category Documentary
UK Release Date
Production year 2009
Production Country
Directors Michael Moore
Cast Michael Moore, Thora Birch, Wallace Shawn, William Black, Elijah Cummings, Baron Hill, Marcy Kaptur, Elizabeth Warren, Peter Zalewski
Distributor Paramount Pictures


Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore's new documentary, will be release by Overture Films on October 2, 2009. Capitalism will explore the root causes of the global economic meltdown and take a comical look at the corporate and political shenanigans that culminated in what Moore described as “the biggest robbery in the history of this country” - the massive transfer of U.S. taxpayer money to private financial institutions. Moore has made three of the top six highest-grossing documentaries of all time including Cannes Palme d'Or winner Fahrenheit 9/11, 2008 Academy Award(r) nominee Sicko, and Bowling for Columbine, the Academy Award(r) winner for Best Documentary in 2003. His debut film was 1989's groundbreaking Roger and Me.