Easier with Practice

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Original title Easier with Practice
Category Drama, Comedy, Romance
UK Release Date
Production year 2009
Production Country
Directors Kyle Patrick Alvarez
Cast Brian Geraghty, Kel O'Neill, Marguerite Moreau, Jeanette Brox, Jenna Gavigan, Katie Aselton, Eugene Byrd, Danielle Lozeau, Jamie Haqqani, Lance Capaldi, Lucas CorVatta, Allison Hensel, Tracey Horsley, Emelie O'Hara, Lauren Petzke
Distributor AX1 Entertainment


"On a road trip across middle-town America to promote his unpublished novel, Davy Mitchell's life takes an unexpected turn, when he is seduced into a phone sex relationship with a mysterious caller named Nicole. What starts out as a distraction soon becomes an obsession, as Davy's feelings start to develop. Following his critically acclaimed performance in the multi-Oscar winning The Hurt Locker, Brian Geraghty delivers a mesmerising turn in Kyle Patrick Alvarez's provocative debut feature film, inspired by Davy Rothbart's autobiographical GQ magazine article ""What Are You Wearing?"" and winner of Best New International Feature at the Edinburgh Film Festival and multiple awards internationally."