Embodiment Of Evil

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Original title Encarnação do Demônio
Category Horror
UK Release Date
Production year 2008
Production Country
Directors José Mojica Marins
Cast Rui Rezende, Cleo de Paris, José Celso Martinez Corrêa, Helena Ignez, Nara Sakarê, Luís Melo, Jece Valadão, Milhem Cortaz, Thaís Simi, Giulio Lopes, Adriano Stuart, José Mojica Marins, Eduardo Chagas, Cristina Aché, Débora Muniz
Distributor The Associates


Forty years on, legendary Brazilian writer-director-star Jose Mojica Marins returns to the role that established him as a horror genre auteur to be reckoned with as the long awaited third and final instalment of his renowned "Coffin Joe" series of films. The sequel to "At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul" (1964) and "This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse" (1967), EMBODIMENT OF EVIL sees the sadistic undertaker Coffin Joe finally released from a prison mental ward after serving a 40-year term for kidnap, torture and murder.Back on the streets, Joe is reunited with his faithful servant Bruno and continues his diabolic quest for "the continuation of the blood" by finding the perfect woman to bear him a son. Assisted by a quartet of fanatic followers, they begin kidnapping and testing the suitability of potential bearers of Joe's offspring. Still driven by madness, Joe is haunted by visions of the ghosts of his former victims and graphic hallucinations of a purgatory-like landscape filled with human suffering and depravity.Meanwhile, a local police captain and a mentally unstable priest, both bearing their own personal grudges against the undertaker, have teamed up to hunt Joe down and to exact their revenge by destroying him once and for all.