I Know You Know

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Original title I Know You Know
Category Thriller, Drama, Comedy
UK Release Date
Production year 2009
Production Country
Directors Justin Kerrigan
Cast Robert Carlyle, Arron Fuller, David Bradley, Karl Johnson, Valerie Lilley, Howard Marks, Aaron Lamprey, Ifan Huw Dafydd, Ross O'Hennessy, Ryan Spriggs, John Weldon, Claire Cage, Dyfan Dwyfor, Noni Lewis, Christian Patterson
Distributor Network Releasing


A man living in Wales with his young son starts behaving as if he is involved in some secret plot, perhaps criminal. He moves into a delapidated flat, keeps in regular contact with an important-seeming man called Mr Fisher, has minders apparently keeping him under protection, and lives in increasing fear of his life. The plot seems to be connected to a growing satellite TV company. His son discovers that he also has a gun. The father reveals that once the mysterious job is over, they will be paid £2 million and emigrate to America. However, when he goes to a bar to collect the money from Mr Fisher, he doesn't show up. The father becomes increasingly paranoid and dangerous (e.g. he burns out one of the satellite TV company's vans), and the son suspects that the plot may all be a figment of his imagination. The son goes to Mr Fisher's house, where Mr Fisher - merely a council official - tells him that his father had been a successful travel agent who went out of business when the satellite TV company forced his company out of its premises. The son persuades his father to go to the police, who have him sent to a psychiatric hospital; he died 12 years later.