I Saw the Devil

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5/5 5/5.0

Original title Akmareul Boatda
Category Crime, Drama, Horror
UK Release Date
Production year 2010
Production Country Korea, Republic Of
Directors Jee-woon Kim
Cast Byung-hun Lee, Min-sik Choi, Gook-hwan Jeon
Distributor Optimum Releasing


Kyung-Chul is a dangerous psychopath who kills for pleasure, his victims ranging from young women to children. The police have chased him for a long time, but have been unsuccessful. One day Joo-Yeon, daughter of a retired police chief becomes his prey and is found dead in a horrific state. Her fiance Dae-Hoon, a top secret agent, decides to track down the murderer himself. He will do everything in his power to take bloody vengeance against the killer, even if it means becoming a monster himself.