Invisible Target

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Original title 男兒本色
Category Action
UK Release Date
Production year 2007
Production Country
Directors Benny Chan
Cast Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue, Jaycee Chan, Wu Jing, Andy On, Elanne Kong, Dominic Lam Ka-Wah, Sam Lee, Candy Liu, Ken Lo, Vincent Sze, Wang Xue-Mei, Kenny Wong Tak-Ban, Philip Ng, Wu Hao-kang
Distributor Showbox Entertainment


The rise of Ronin Gang, a band of notorious robbers affected the lives of three policemen drastically. Each of the three policemen: Fang (starring Shawn Yue), Jing Hau (starring Jaycee Chan) and Chen (starring Nicholas Tse) have their own stories but are motivated to achieve a common goal: to bring Jiang (starring Wu Jing), the leader of the Ronin Gang to justice. Time is running out as Jiang's influence grew and the gang's ruthless acts are getting out hand. With Fang's wit, Jing Hau's courage and Chen's dexterity, the three vowed to capture Jiang. However, it was also during the intense period of tracking the Ronin Gang that the three learnt about the presence of a prominent figure in the police force who is in cahoots with Jiang… With all these against them, they are even more determined to rid the evil doings of Jiang and his accomplice…